E-Props Composite Landing Gears

E-Props works daily to propose solutions for a lighter and more efficient aviation.
In this fight against useless masses, here are the E-Props Composite Landing Gears.

An E-Props composite landing gear leg weighs 1 kg, compared to 3.7 kg for a standard metal leg.
This landing gear allows to save 5,4 kg on the aircraft.

The E-PROPS composite landing gear legs offer :
✗  4 times more max. deformation
✗  6 times more energy max. absorbed
compared to the existing metallic landing gear legs.

E-Props Composite Landing Gears => weight saving, better mechanical resistance, better damping

The first composite landing gear model is designed for the Super Guépards ultralights of the French company Aéroservices Guépard.
Many other models will follow soon.
Test videos will be online in the coming weeks.

Pricing: to date, we still have a few technological choices to make that will affect the final price.
A little more patience… It’s coming soon !