E-PROPS wins STOL Competition in BELMONT

The pilots equipped with E-Props propellers have been successful in the 2nd edition of the STOL competition in Belmont-sur-Rance (Aveyron – France) on July 3 and 4, 2021. The principle is simple: you have to take off and land as short as possible. The rolling distances at takeoff and landing are cumulated to establish the ranking.

Eric Grare, the great winner of this competition, with his high wing prototype
Rotax 912S engine – 3-blade E-Props “Super Stol” propeller diameter 190 cm

As last year, Eric Grare largely dominated the competition on his high wing prototype Rotax 912S, with a total of 21.1 m. And as last year, Jean-Daniel Roman followed him closely with 29 m on his Rotax 912S Super Guépard. They were both equipped with the E-Props Durandal Super Stol 3-blade with a diameter of 190 cm, a very efficient propeller for this type of flight. The 3rd is Didier Fraysse on his Nynja BMW, with a total of 54.8 m. He had a 3-blade E-Props of 175 cm diameter adapted to his BMW engine.

The nice Super Guépard of Jean-Daniel Roman (its designer) –
Rotax 912S engine – 3-blade E-Props “Super Stol” propeller diameter 190 cm
the ranking of the “queen” category, the 3-axis ultralights
Nynja of Didier Fraysse – BMW 100 hp engine – E-Props 3-blade propeller 175 cm

Two delta-trikes also participated in this competition. The winner of this category is Yves Munnia, on his O2B HKS700, with a four-bladed E-Props of 175 cm.

Yves Munnia with his O2B delta-trike
HKS700 engine – E-Props 4-blade propeller diameter 175 cm

Other participants were not classified for administrative reasons. In particular the talented Maxime Compagnon, with his Savage Rotax 912S “Old Bandit”, which was running a 3-blade E-Props propeller of 205 cm diameter.

Savage Rotax 912S “Old Bandit” – engine Rotax 912S
E-Props Super Stol 3-blade propeller 205 cm

This competition was disrupted by the weather, but the organizers nevertheless succeeded in making it a great party and an exemplary competition. Congratulations to all the volunteers!

We will be able to see the first 5 of the ranking at the “Mondial de l’ULM” in Blois from September 3rd to 5th 2021, for a demonstration of their talents.

The 3 E-PROPS Musketeers :
Eric Grare 1st / Jean-Daniel Roman 2nd / Didier Fraysse 3rd
Yves Munnia 1st !

Congratulations to all the participants, and a big thank you to the E-Props pilots !