E-PROPS at AERO 2022

The E-Props team had a booth at the AERO in Friedrichshafen in April 2022. The opportunity to present :

  • its new Constant Speed Glorieuse propeller, which powers the Blackwing 915iS which just before the show had set the world speed record at 413 km/h
  • its new factory and all the E-Props buildings on the airfield of Sisteron – Vaumeilh (7000 m²)
  • the progress of its certification work for the company and its products (OSAC / DGAC / EASA)

Some pictures of the show here below :

The E-Props team at AERO 2022, from left to right:
Nicolas Parrein (design office), Jérémie Buiatti (COT), Rémi Beringer (certification manager), Anne Lavrand (CEO), Samy Dupland (test pilot)
Poster of Word Speed Record 413 km/h establised just before AERO 2022
Glorieuse Constant Speed Propeller on Savannah 912S (ICP booth)
the new E-Props premises : 7000 m²
E-Props Durandal on a CTLSi 912S (Flight Design booth)
A new great plane : the Dracula
The E-Props booth, B3-120
Savannah in red, with Glorieuse : very nice !
on the Blackwing booth, with the pilots of the world record
Nando Groppo Trail 912S with Durandal diameter 190 cm
also E-Props on an electric Comco C42
Glorieuse is detailed on the E-Props booth
Swan & Dracula

The reception of E-Props new products and projects by pilots and professionals was excellent. The Show is an essential moment of sharing for manufacturers and equipment suppliers, and this one came after 2 years without event, thus with a very pleasant general enthusiasm.

See you there next year !