GLORIEUSE : already one year !

Constant Speed Carbon – Titanium propeller GLORIEUSE
5 years of design, 3 years of testing, 4 prototypes tested in flight
An ultra-light propeller (4 kg all inclusive), simple, very solid, with a high TBO

Marketed since 1 year :
62 propellers equip 27 different airplanes and ultralights in 14 countries
– Some aircraft have flown more than 300 hours
– On Blackwing 915iS: FAI World Speed Record at 413 km/h
– On Yuma 912S: won (by far!) the STOL competitions
– In the process of German homologation on several ultralights
– Soon to be EASA / FAA certified

✗  Tired of the frequent and expensive maintenance of your current propeller ?
✗  Tired of the vibrations and the too forward C of G loading of your ultralight ?
✗  Want more carrying capacity and to save fuel ?
✗  Want real performance and an amazing look ?


Thanks to our exceptional team who made this whole adventure possible.

Thanks to our partners, customers, friends, family, and all those who support E-Props. You motivate us to do better and better !

E-PROPS : Light is Right

FAI World Speed Record 413 km/h – Blackwing Rotax 915iS Glorieuse