An e-props propeller is flying in Mozambique

Pierre LUCAS, gyro pilot at the Aeroclub of Maputo, has changed on his Magni M22 914 his propeller with an E-Props 4 blades. The aircraft was ferried yesterday from Bapsfontein in South Africa (next to Pretoria) to Maputo in 3:40 and 2 legs with a technical stop at Kruger international airport (FAKN) for the exit formalities. The propeller was installed in South Africa in the workshop where Pierre is doing its maintenance services. The performance and weight of the propeller are amazing (in particular at take off). Yes, Light is Right ! Big thank to all the team @fly_eprops and @MagniGyrosrl

MAGNI M22 / engine Rotax 914 gearbox 2.43 / propeller EXCALIBUR-4 diameter 168 cm
the travel

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