Jack tests the new Savage Norden !

Giacomo Iannelli, better know as “Jack”, is an Italian Experimental Test Pilot, former Fighter Pilot and working currently as a Development Test Pilot for one of the major aerospace firms in Europe.

He maintains a very interesting BLOG where he details the tests he performs for different aircraft manufacturers : JACK’s AIRPLANES

In December 2021, Jack has tested the new Savage Norden, with Rotax 915iS and E-Props 4-blade.

the amazing Norden 915iS with its 4-blade E-Props

Here is the complete article with pictures and videos : Jack tests the new Savage Norden !

“The prototype of the Norden is equipped with the powerful Rotax 915is, a great turbocharged option for mountain flying ( the mission we are interested in), and the new (to me) 4 blades fixed pitch E-prop: I’m really curious to check this combination out in flight; it looks like an aggressive one to enhance the STOL characteristic that the Norden wants to express from its design.” […]

“I’m definitely surprised ! The acceleration of the Norden with the 915 + E-Prop combination is astonishing !” […]

“From the start of takeoff roll to the point at which I felt I could push the stick forward I counted a maximum of 2 seconds of time, and from the two point attitude to the actual lift off I counted additional 3 seconds. All I have to help the performance is a component of front wind of about 7 knots. The perfect conjunction of the Norden + the 915 + the 4-bladed E-prop lifts me up in less than 40 mt (130 ft) of roll with an handling that was freaking easy! I realize quickly that I need to raise the nose pretty aggressively to keep the speed under 110 km/h (around 60 knots), the maximum flap design speed, and I stabilize a climb attitude of about 15 degrees nose high with an instantaneous and only initial rate of more that 2000ft/min. I deselect the flaps, with no significant pitch moment change, to clean up the wing and stabilize in a 13-15 degrees climb attitude and about 1800 ft/minute rate which looks great in two pilots and half fuel on board.” […]

Read the whole article here => Jack tests the new Savage Norden !

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