E-PROPS for motorglider Pipistrel APIS

How do you gain 34% climb rate on a Pipistrel APIS motorglider with Hirth F33 engine, gearbox 1:3 ? By replacing the original propeller with an E-PROPS, of course ! 😀

The first propeller change was carried out in August 2015 at Sisteron airfield (LFNS). Since then, further tests have been carried out, and the owner-pilot of this APIS is very satisfied with the E-PROPS propeller.

same number of blades, same diameter (1.60 m), but very different profiles and chords
= 34% higher climb rate !

higher rate of climb = greater safety and increased range
And on a beautiful machine like the APIS, a carbon propeller is much “classier” than a wooden one !

Jérémie Buiatti, designer of the E-Props propellers, shows here the PIPITSREL wooden propeller next to the E-PROPS carbon propeller.
The differences are obvious… As for the weight (all-inclusive) :
– PIPISTREL wood propeller = 2.7 kg / 6 lb
– E-PROPS carbon propeller = 1.5 kg / 3.3 lb
Gain = 1.2 kg / 2.7 lb

The pilot also noted that, when the ignition is switched off, the E-Props propeller “grinds” for much less time than the original wooden propeller, enabling the engine-propeller assembly to be retracted much more quickly into the fuselage.

To order this carbon propeller : E-Props 2-blade for Pipistrel Apis

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