AEROPRAKT USA : Feedback on E-Props propellers

Here below you can read the feedback on E-Props of Andy Humphrey, manager of Heavenbound Aviation / Aeroprakt USA, who represents A32 & A22 aircraft in the United States.


The E-Props propeller appears to be a very narrow blade and you wonder if it could actually grab enough air, but it performs exceptionally well. While you do give up a bit of static thrust with the E-Props, once you’re rolling down the runway you can feel it really start to grab. The difference in takeoff roll is not noticeable and the climb is improved with the E-Props. The advantage of the E-Props is more noticeable in cruise flight with at least a 5 MPH gain in speed.

Another significant advantage to the E-Props is the balance and extremely smooth and quiet operation. It is quieter both in the cockpit and from the ground compared to the Kiev and the DUC.

One other significant advantage of the E-Props is the weight savings. The E-Props complete with spinner and mounting bolts is less than 6 lbs.! The Kiev prop is about 12 lbs. Not only does this reduce the empty weight of the aircraft and increase useful load, but less rotating mass reduces the load and wear on the engine and gearbox.

E-Props has the best service life at 2,000 hours and unlimited calendar time. At TBO the E-Props simply requires an inspection by the manufacturer and can be put back in service. It can be run indefinitely with 4,000 hour inspections. E-Props now has props in service with an excess of 30,000 hours of operation!

Overall, I think the 3-blade E-Props is the best match for the A32 for performance, durability and cost of operation.

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