GALDEZ 2019 meeting : E-PROPS big winner, far ahead !

GALDEZ 2019 winner E-PROPS Eric GRARE
GALDEZ 2019 winner E-PROPS Eric GRARE

A competition based on the prestigious VALDEZ  took place on 15 and 16 February 2019 in Gap-Tallard. 16 ultralights participated : 3 autogyros and 13 aircraft. Objective: to measure which ones takes off and lands as short as possible.

For the aircraft, it was almost a mono-type competition: aircraft with the same weight, equipped with the same engine. Only significant differences: pilots and propellers.

Some pilots are real competitors, such as Jean-Louis Schlesser (well-known car driver), or Eric Grare, familiar with this type of event.

No ranking was published by the organizers (one wonders why ?). Eric Grare has clearly dominated the competition with his G1 Rotax 912S and his E-Props Durandal propeller : take-off in 25 m + landing in 17 m = total 42 m ! Awesome !

GALDEZ 2019 winner E-PROPS Eric GRARE
GALDEZ 2019 : winner Eric GRARE with his G1 Rotax 912S and E-Props

The next best should have reached 74 m, so 32 m far behind. Jean-Louis Schlesser, with his Storch 912S, Duc Swirl-3 propeller : take-off in 44 m and landing in 30 m.

At E-Props, we do not have one “universal” blade for everything, that can be cutted as necessary. Every E-Props propeller is designed and tested for a specific engine, its reducer if any, the diameter, the speed range of the aircraft, the special configuration and its use… We have today more than 185 blades geometries, and as result, exceptional performances for each set of aircraft / engine / propeller.

The evidence is clear in this type of competitions.

GALDEZ videos here :

A BIG congratulations to Eric, who knows his aircraft perfectly, does a remarkable job of constantly improving it, and is a great pilot !

We are now waiting for GALDEZ 2020 !