E-Props on Savannah : feedback


A new E-Props on Savannah. Here is the feedback of the flying club officer who bougth it : ” Excellent take-off performance on our 220 m runway. Fuel consumption and RPM lower than the DUC propeller on the other Savannah we have in the club. Propeller and spacer are very light. Welcome and customer service on top. THANK YOU. “

Savannah with E-PROPS Durandal 100 diameter 175 cm

The E-PROPS propellers are validated on Savannah by the manufacturer, the ICP Aviazione company. Hundreds Savannah are equipped with E-Props all over the world. Thanks to the extended hub instead of the standard aluminium spacer, E-Props allows to save more than 2 kg only on the spacer : the reducer likes it ! Performances are exceptional and strength does not need to be proved, even in difficult conditions as in Africa.

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