2023-09-16 Anne 0

E-Props are very popular with pilots of autogyros, like AUTOGYRO’s Cavalon.Shown here with the 4-blade (2.9 kg) on the Rotax 914 and the 5-blade (3.4 […]

JMB VL3 with CS propeller Glorieuse

2023-09-11 Anne 0

More and more VL3 pilots are fitting Constant Speed Glorieuse propellers, to their great delight. Performance, strength, lightness, responsiveness : Glorieuse is the perfect propeller […]

Towing WT9 Dynamic with Glorieuse

2023-09-11 Anne 0

Magnificent towing WT9 Dynamic equipped with the E-PROPS Glorieuse inflight variable-pitch propeller. GLORIEUSE Propellers ✗  3-blade tractor propellers, in-flight variable pitch system (Constant Speed), the […]