KIEBITZ Rotax 912S E-Props

2021-07-14 Anne 0

A nice Kietbitz with its Rotax 912S (100 hp) engine. Propeller : a 2-blade E-Props ground adjustable pitch Carbon – Titanium, diameter 180 cm, weight […]

E-Props is flying high

2021-06-29 Anne 0

Winner of the Plan de Relance Territoires d’Industrie (as part of the deployment of the “France Relance” Plan presented by the French Government in September […]

Blades covers in Neoprene

2021-06-28 Anne 0

E-PROPS now offers Neoprene blade covers, which perfectly matches specific blade profiles. Hi-Tech protection covers in Neoprene for E-PROPS blades Dimensions: 760 x 70 x […]

E-Props is expanding

2021-06-21 Anne 0

Electravia – Hélices E-Props designs and manufactures ultra-light carbon-titanium propellers for microlights, airplanes, drones and multicopters. The company of 35 people based on the airfield […]