Manufacture of protection visors in 3D printing

In this period of epidemic, E-PROPS uses its means of production to manufacture anti-projection visors.

Please note: these anti-projection visors only protect – by definition – against splashes (sputters, saliva, secretions, etc). Under no circumstances can they replace FFP2 masks or any other type of approved medical mask. They only complement these professional masks and add extra protection. They also prevent – by reflex – hands from being brought to the face.

Although the people who printed and assembled these visors did not show any symptoms of coronavirus at the time of manufacture, they should be considered suspect and should therefore be disinfected before first use – just like any other object.

These visors – based on an open source licensed file model – have been manufactured and are being distributed on a voluntary basis, in a spirit of solidarity, in order to compensate for the lack of resources in the face of the coronavirus epidemic. They cannot be sold.

The E-PROPS team is proud to participate, even if only a little, to protect the caregivers and the people on the front line from the Covid-19 virus. A very big THANK YOU to them!