E-PROPS propellers Carbon – Titanium new range V20

Never before seen by any propeller manufacturer : E-PROPS releases its new range of ground adjustable propellers for airplanes and ultralights, and this one has no less than 102.600 references !

E-PROPS thus meets all the needs of all types of light aircraft : 9 propeller diameters available (from 155 to 195 cm), several chords and several blade profiles, from 2 to 6 blades 100% Carbon with Titanium leading edge protection, all models declined in tractive and propulsive configurations, 38 lengths of carbon spacers (from -20 to +170 mm), 15 different diameters of carbon spinners (from 210 to 380 mm).

The E-PROPS V20 are even lighter than the 2012 version. For example, the 3-blade DURANDAL V20 weighs 2.1 kg. The carbon spacers also save a lot of weight. The Savannah’s 120 mm aluminium extension weighs 2200 g, while the same E-PROPS carbon spacer weighs only 174 g !

They are also stronger, with safety coefficients above 7, measured in tensile, bending and torsion tests. All models are certified according to the ASTM (F2506-13) standard for LSA.

The V20 spinners are longer, in order to take care of the aesthetics and to adapt to all engines fairings. Titanium leading edge protection allows even better performance in climb rate and cruise.

E-PROPS V20 are ultra-light Carbon – Titanium propellers, extra-strong, allowing planes and ultralights to show their best performances, to make their pilots live great adventures !