FAI World Records (*) in single-seater delta trike ultralight

On 11 July 2020, Jean-Claude Quenault left Dunkerque for Oloron (France), a distance of 906 km which he covered in 12h03.
He thus broke the world distance record in single-seater delta trike Ultralight held by Patricia Taillebresse since 1987 (811 km), as well as the world fuel consumption record.
The single-seater ultralight used is a Alizé trike from the manufacturer Ellipse, with a MysticCX wing, and a Swissauto 4-stroke engine of 250 cc of 35 hp coupled to a 3-blade E-Props propeller diameter 150 cm.
He was accompanied in his flight by Blaise Bouchet, also on a single-seater delta trike.
Congratulations to the brave pilot and his team. A very big bravo for these two records !

(*) record awaiting FAI validation – soon we hope !