E-Props is expanding

Electravia – Hélices E-Props designs and manufactures ultra-light carbon-titanium propellers for microlights, airplanes, drones and multicopters. The company of 35 people based on the airfield of Sisteron-Vaumeilh is now the world leader in paramotor propellers. It currently manufactures 45,000 carbon parts per year and exports 87% of its production to 80 different countries.

to date, Electravia’s manufacturing facilities cover 2,200 m² on the Sisteron-Vaumeilh airfield (LFNS)

In order to meet the strong demand for exports and to diversify its offer by proposing new carbon composite products for light aviation, Electravia is building a new intelligent and eco-responsible factory of 3,000 m² with robots, CNC machining centers and additive manufacturing machines. This project will double the number of employees to 70 within 3 years.

the new factory on a plot of land adjoining the current factory in the Industrial Zone, with: solar panels on the roofs, geothermal heating – air conditioning, waste reprocessing / recovery center

To carry out this investment, Electravia has received a grant as part of the Plan France Relance – Territoires d’Industrie. The construction of the building will thus be completed by the end of 2021.

With such an industrial tool, Electravia will very soon be able to offer new equipment for light aviation: composite landing gears, fairings, shrouds… The company will be able to manufacture its new range of GLORIEUSE variable-pitch propellers and carry out its development work on new propellers and its ultra-light engine project in optimal conditions.

a convivial canteen, a rest room and even an equipped gym will be set up for the comfort of employees