Blades covers in Neoprene

E-PROPS now offers Neoprene blade covers, which perfectly matches specific blade profiles.

Hi-Tech protection covers in Neoprene for E-PROPS blades
Dimensions: 760 x 70 x 10 mm
Material: light grey 3 mm high strength Neoprene, extensible
White marking E-Props on all covers
1 Velcro fastening per cover
Weight of 1 cover = 100 gr
An excellent protection for your blades!

High quality covers MADE IN FRANCE by our partner PROPSOCK
Prop-Sock’s are hand made to measure protection for your propeller! Many aircraft are now using composite high performance propellers but they are susceptible to damage especially from the dreaded ‘hangar rash’! So why not protect the item that gives your aircraft its performance, the propeller! Manufactured from 3mm neoprene which is double lined with polyester they are compact, light and easy to fit. Propsock, ‘We’ve got you covered’