French STOL 2022 Championships : Eric Grare winner !

The STOL (Short Take-Off and Landing) is an aeronautical sport event. The principle is to take off and land in the shortest possible distance, in complete safety. For ultralights, this event supported by the FFPLUM took place on July 2 and 3, 2022 in Belmont (France). This competition took place with a temperature of about 30°C and without wind.

Video made by Jérome Bonnard, FFPLUM (2022) – Pilot : Eric Grare

As in 2021, the winner is the champion Eric Grare, with a cumulative distance of 21 m : takeoff in 9 m + landing in 12 m. Very impressive !
He flies his Yuma equipped with a Rotax 912S engine and an E-Props propeller. This time, he had chosen the 3-blade DURANDAL propeller (ground adjustable pitch model), diameter 2,05 m, weight 2.4 kg, moment of inertia 3400 kg.cm². Definitely the best choice !

the results of the first 4 on 22 competitors

The E-Props show once again their great superiority in this type of competition. Just like in speed records and long distance flights… Light is Right !

Bravo to all pilots !