E-Props plant on its way to energy autonomy with Lumiasol

1 MWp / 6000 sqm of solar photovoltaic roof: on the way to energy autonomy for ELECTRAVIA E-PROPS – French manufacturer of ultra-light propellers for the low-carbon aviation of tomorrow.

LUMIASOL is honored to accompany this world-renowned expert in its development. A real solar photovoltaic project in self-consumption of 500 kWp which will be added to the existing 250 kWp and will be quickly completed by 300 additional kWp.

The Energy Management System (EMS) will allow the factory and its manufacturing process to consume more when solar energy (low-carbon, local and competitive) is abundant and to consume less when it is absent.

The storage will allow to protect the industrial tool from micro outages on the public electricity distribution network and to stop the plant “softly” in case of prolonged outages. An “islanding” option will be studied to allow the plant to operate in the event of a long-term network outage.

Sobriety / Solar / EMS / Thermal storage / Reasoned electro-chemical storage… the sustainable and resilient plant of tomorrow is being built today.