ALTO with E-Props Durandal

E-Props 3-blade ground adjustable pitch for DIRECT FLY ALTO Rotax 912s red 2.43, full Carbon with Titanium leading edge protection, diameter 175 cm, weight 2 kg.

Feedback of the pilot:
Did my first flight test in the Alto this morning with the new E-prop fitted , I thought I had a great propeller, then I got an E-prop, it is amazing.
So much quieter than my previous propeller and smoother in flight. A neighbour near the airport mentioned to me that he could no longer hear me take off!
I managed 5250 RPM so I still have to fine tune the pitch to achieve 5500 RPM.
Even at 5250 I managed to achieve a very impressive 125 kt TAS. My previous prop would only achieve 108 kt at the same RPM. Throttling back to 4800 RPM I still achieve 114 kt TAS with only 16.4 Litre/hr of fuel consumption!
Climb rate with 70 litres of fuel on board and a passenger was still an impressive 1000ft/min at 60kts IAS.
No noticeable difference in takeoff roll distance.
The propeller response feels much more progressive with the E-prop.
I am VERY impressed. I wish I had an E-prop fitted sooner !
Currently set at the recommended 27 degrees of pitch and achieved 5250 RPM so will adjust to 25.8 degrees (200 RPM = 1.2 degree adjustment) and see what RPM and speeds are achieved.
A couple of pictures attached and my first flight test data for your reference.
Thank-you to you and your team for such an amazing propellor !

More data here on : E-PROPS for DIRECT FLY ALTO

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