Excalibur-4 on Magni M22 Voyager 914

E-Props equips many Magni M22 Voyager with Rotax 914 engine.
In addition to being a very light propeller (thus very reactive) of 2,6 kg, the 4-blade Carbon-Titanium Excalibur-4 propeller displays impressive performances: 150 Km/h at 4500 rpm !

To order : EXCALIBUR-4 for M22 VOYAGER Rotax 914 gear ratio 2.43

This Eprops 4blade propeller is incredibly more powerful than the Duc-Flash 3blade fitted by Magni to the Magni M22 rotax 914. I know this may seem odd, as the gyrocopter manufacturer is supposed to choose the best components on the market. This is not the case.
I did with my co-owner who is a professional helicopter pilot many comparative tests, in cold and hot weather. In hot weather, the differences are even greater.
Now, the measured gains are:

  • weight of the propeller with screws: 2.2 kg (the Eprops weighs only 2.6 kg)
  • moments of inertia measured in kg.cm² (Rotax procedure): 2850 for Eprops, 3800 for Duc. More reactivity when the moment of inertia is low.
  • takeoff roll: 45 m gain (in cold weather – better in hot weather)
  • 420 ft/min climb rate
  • cruise speed at 4500 rpm: +11 km/h
  • fuel economy measured over 50 hrs: 7%.
    and also significant vibration reduction for the Eprops

Our choice is made !
Thanks to Eprops for this high performance propeller.

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