E-Props DURANDAL-3 certified by EASA

The E-Props DURANDAL-3 propeller range has just obtained its Type Certificate from EASA, under CS-22 Subpart J standard. Type Certificate EASA.P.512

✗  3-blade E-Props ground adjustable pitch (ref EPGU3) 
✗  Carbon with Titanium leading edge
✗  For Rotax 912S & iS
✗  Diameters : from 155 to 190 cm (each 5 cm)
✗  Weight : 2.0 to 2.2 kg
✗  Spacer Hub Extension : from -20 to +170 mm (each 5 mm)

These propellers can be installed on:
CS-VLA certified aircraft
– all aircraft classified as ELA1 : aircraft, gliders or motorgliders that are not classified as complex motorized aircraft, with a maximum take-off weight not exceeding 1200 kg

This is the first Type Certificate obtained by E-Props.
Many others will follow ! 😁

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