2023 French STOL competitions : 2nd round, E-Props winner

The STOL (Short Take-Off and Landing) is an aeronautical sports event for microlights whose principle is take-off and landing over the shortest possible distance, in any security. In 2023, French Federation FFPLUM organize a national championship that is spread over 6 regions in the 4 corners of the France.

On April 22 & 23, 2023, the second round was in Corsica, in Ghisonaccia (LFKG).

Eric Grare, on his Yuma Rotax 912S 100 hp with E-Props Durandal 3-blade diameter 205 cm / 80.7 inch flew over the competition

Eric = best take-off in 11,4 m (36 ft) & best landing in 7 m (22.9 ft)

With an exceptional and well trained pilot, a well prepared aircraft, a good propeller can help to make the difference ! 😀

complete ranking
Jean-Daniel Roman, on his Super Guepard SG-14 (he is the designer of this great aircraft), Rotax 912S, and his E-Props Durandal 3-blade diameter 205 cm / 80.7 inch, wins the second place, far ahead of the third.
Congratulations to the winners, and bravo to all the pilots who participated in this event !

… and a big thank you to the organizers, volunteers, photographers, videographers, etc., who make these competitions possible and who highlight them.

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