4-blade Excalibur-4 on Magni M22

To replace the standard Arplast – Magni 3-blade on a gyro Magni M22 with Rotax 914, a 4-blade Excalibur-4 is a great solution.

Magni M22 Voyager equipped with Rotax 914 and Excalibur-4 diameter 170 cm

On the Magni M22 Rotax 914 gearbox 2.43, gains measured between Arplast-Magni 3-blade and E-Props 4-blade. E-Props allows to gain :

  • takeoff roll: 45 m gain (in cold weather – better in warm weather)
  • 420 ft/min climb rate
  • cruise speed at 4500 rpm : +11 km/h
  • fuel economy measured over 50 hrs: 7%
    and also important reduction of vibrations for the E-Props
Before : M22 with 3-blade Arplast-Magni / After : M22 with 4-blade E-Props
Here the E-Props has an pulley adaptateur thickness 25 mm + a carbon spacer of 20 mm

In pusher configuration, moving the propeller away from the engine allows it to turn in less disturbed air, thus gaining thrust and reducing noise (significantly).
If we have to mount a 20 mm aluminum spacer, it will weigh 400 g. The E-Props 20mm carbon spacer weighs only 30 g.

E-Props 4-blade, with pulley adapter, spacer length 20 mm and screws = 3,3 kg / 7,3 lb
Arplast / Magni 3-blade with screws = 5.9 kg / 13 lb
it means a gain of 2,6 kg / 5.7 lb = 3,5 liter of gasoline = 10 to 15 minutes of flight.

==> To order an E-Props for M22 : click here

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