Destocking of 3-blade V12 for Rotax 912 & 912S

List of new E-Props propellers in Carbon V12 range
Models of tractor propellers for Rotax 912 and 912S
Carbon Hub in 2 parts
Spacer integrated in the hub
Hub drilling : 6M8d101,6 L13
Leading edge protection in Nanostrength
Weight of 3-blade propeller = 2,5 kg
Manual : V12 MANUAL
Each propeller in the list below is supplied complete with screws and pitch adjustment tool.
The price indicated is for a single propeller from this list.

=> PLEASE NOTE : these propellers are delivered without spinner, without Rotax drive lugs and without blades covers.
If you want a spinner, see the article : DESTOCKING of V12 SPINNERS (reminder: a spinner is essential only for fast aircraft or those with poorly cooled engines).
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