Glorieuse on Alpha Trainer 912

This week, the Pipistrel Alpha Trainer with Rotax 912 80 hp has been equipped with a Constant Speed propeller Glorieuse. A great success ! 😀

Here are the first test results and comparative with the standard propeller from Pipistrel.

By installing a Glorieuse propeller, Alpha Trainer pilots gain 50 m at rolling, 250 ft/min of rate-of-climb and over 20 kt / 35 km/h cruising speed at 5000 rpm !
And the Glorieuse propeller with spinner weighs 0.9 lb / 400 g less.

Alpha Trainer instrument panel during the test campaign

The pilot’s comments after the test campaign:
“This propeller is simply incredible !
At 5100 rpm, cruising speed is 115 kt / 213 km/h (MAP 25).
The engine is much quieter, with much less vibration, so the lexan doors don’t shake at all.
Excellent, the Alpha Trainer with Glorieuse is now another plane.”

the great Alpha Trainer with a Glorieuse propeller
weight of the Pipistrel’s propeller = 4,5 kg
Glorieuse weights only 4,1 kg with its spinner
No problems with aircraft center of gravity

Now you have the solution to boost the performance of your Alpha Trainer !

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