E-Props 4-Blade Lightweight Propeller for ICON A5

July 24, 2023 : ICON Aircraft announced that a new E-Props 4-blade lightweight propeller is available as an upgrade on a new A5, and can also be retrofited on previous model years.

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Weighing approximately 8 pounds less than the previous version, the new propeller significantly improves takeoff distance by 10-12%, thereby increasing the versatility and safety of the aircraft.

Full Carbon with Titanium leading edge
4-blade ground adjustable pitch
Diameter: 177 cm / 69.7 inch
Weight: 3.2 kg / 7 lb
Moment of inertia: 3000 kg.cm²
Carbon spacer length 6.69 inch
5-fin special E-Props cooling fan
Carbon spinner + plate diameter 262 mm / 10.31 inch

carbon spacer length 6.69 inch & 5-fin special E-Props cooling fan

Propeller delivered with digital protractor (to adjust the pitch) + Titanium screws.

==> Please contact ICON AIRCRAFT for prices and availability

ICON A5 at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2023
with the great 4-blade E-Props propeller, called EXCALIBUR-4

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