Comparative tests on propellers for STOL aircraft: #gamechanger video with Joel Milloway

Jonas Marcinko, well-known Youtuber #gamechanger, has made a video comparing several propellers, tested by National STOL champion Joel Milloway on his special RANS S7 COURIER with Rotax 912S.

I just bought a new E-Prop propeller and it blew me away with how light it was and its performance. So I did a video of it

CATTO, LUGA Prop and Warp Drive models have been compared with E-Props.

See the results on the video ! 😀

With his E-Props, Joel Milloway won the US National STOL competition 2023 (Sport Category) in Lonestar, score 124. Click here for Lonestar STOL full results

Joel MILLOWAY with his RANS S7, Rotax 912S, E-Props Durandal
Congratulations Joel !

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