E-PROPS repairs and spare blades

repair e-props

The E-PROPS propellers are very strong. But when propellers are rotating, they can hit some objects, equipements, stones, or even the ground… In light aviation, the propellers have a max rotation speed at tips between 0,50 and 0,75 Mach, it means between about 600 and 900 km/h. At those speeds, a very small impact may have very important consequences on the blades.

repair e-propsMany impacts are minor, and can be easily repaired. But when the repair is not possible, at E-PROPS, it is possible to change only one blade. With the serial number, our team will find its technical file, and can make a new blade, well-balanced with the remaining good blade.

=> More information here : www.e-props.fr/16/repair_A.php