Zoute Air Trophy 2018 STOL competition : G1 912S E-Props + Eric Grare = Take-off distance 8 m !

g1 aviation zoute air trophy e-props eric grare

The Zoute Air Trophy 2018 is a STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) competition which took place on the beach at Knokke-Heist (Belgium) in June. 8 categories, including the 3-Axis Aeroplane < 501 kg (ultralights and very light aircraft). In this category, 20 pilots.

The pilot Eric Grare was competing with his G1 Gelinotte engine Rotax 912S propeller 3-blade E-Props Durandal.

g1 aviation zoute air trophy e-props eric grare G1 Rotax 912S E-Props

With this configuration :
– shorter take-off = 8 m (the shorter distance of other competitors was 14,2 m !)
– shorter landing = 13,7 m

=> Take-off in 8 meters is exceptional ! Congrats Eric !

Using an E-PROPS propeller helps to take-off and land far shorter than with other propellers

hélice e-props dessin=> report in pdf