E-Props for Rotax serie 9 : ready-to-fly propellers

The E-Props for Ultralights / Aircraft are delivered balanced and ready-to-fly, with all necessary accessories to assemble and to adjust the pitch. It’s rarely the case for the other propellers on the market.

a 3-blade DURANDAL 100-M for Rotax 912S tractor and its spinner

For example, the E-Props 3-blade DURANDAL for Rotax 912S tractor is delivered as standard with :

  • the 3 blades with integrated leading edge and external protection
  • the hub, with integrated extension if necessary (up to 115 mm)
  • the screws of the good length, with Nord-Lock washers
  • the 6 Rotax drive lugs
  • the digital protractor
  • the documentation : instruction and service manual (48 pages), summary of the main points, propellers identification sheet with first pitch, warranty sheet
  • the set of 3 blades covers, in grey cordura
  • some goodies, always appreciated : E-Props key ring, sticker, ruler

Only the spinner is in option (different diameters, depending on the engines covers)

Price of this propeller, balanced and ready-to-fly is : 1.460 euros. By far the best ratio quality / price on the market !

More data : aircraft.e-props.fr