Comparative PLUG’n’FLY propellers for Vittorazi Moster 185

Comparative between PLUG’n’FLY 2-blade, 3-blade and 4-blade propellers diameters 130 cm on Vittorazi Moster 185 engine, reducer 2,68, on paramotors. Made by Mateo in January 2020. Very stable flight conditions, T° from 6° to 12°C on ground.

2-blade E-PROPS PLUG’n’FLY for Moster 185 red 2,68

The 2-blade propeller (ref P701F-130) very well restores the nervousness of the Moster engine. Reactive and powerful therefore, an advantage for aerobatics or slalom. Even too reactive if you want to fly very low, it requires a very gentle gas control. One can feel a limit on engine power at high rpm during the climb phase. On the other hand, this power is perfect for very tight turn recoveries.

3-blade E-PROPS PLUG’n’FLY for Moster 185 red 2,68

The 3-blade propeller (ref T-G35L-130) is beautiful. The sound frequency is surprising, I would say that you like or you don’t like it. Or you have to get used to it… In terms of thrust, I didn’t feel any extra thrust at a 2-blade. In flight, the noise of the propeller gives the impression of turning faster for a thrust equivalent to a beep. On the other hand it is extraordinarily flexible which is perfectly suited to hold a level flight. This flexibility is pleasant to do very clean turns, for example. I don’t think it’s suitable for slalom or aerobatics.

4-blade E-PROPS PLUG’n’FLY for Moster 185 red 2,68

The 4-blade propeller (ref Q-G33L-130) is surprising from take-off. Its thrust is much higher than the 2-blade. This thrust allows for an exceptional rate of climb, which is an advantage for many forms of flight. It has a very small latency time, which must be taken into account when slaloming to anticipate gas and control management. Another advantage of this 4-blade is the feeling of power at different engine speeds. The torque effect is less important than with the 2-blade too, which is also pleasant during take-off and flight.

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