Propeller comparison : FITI / E-PROPS on ATEC 321 FAETA 912S

A propeller comparison was carried out on the ATEC 321 FAETA aircraft equipped with a Rotax 912S engine (100 hp), between the FITI 3-blade (fitted as standard on this aircraft) and the E-PROPS 3-blade, both models with ground adjustable pitch. Here are the results of these tests :

It appears that the E-PROPS is much lighter (better longevity of the reducer, 2,8 kg less or 4 liters of fuel more), gives much better performance (shorter takeoff, same rate of climb and speed 20 km/h more in cruise), and offers a time between overhauls at the manufacturer (MTBO) much higher: 2.000 hours at E-PROPS instead of the 150 hours required by FITI.

… and on the aesthetic side, between big wide FITI blades not very aerodynamic and the very thin blades with special E-PROPS profiles, there is no doubt either !

But then, will you say, why does ATEC continue to equip its FAETA with FITI propellers that are not adapted? Probably because both ATEC and FITI are located less than an hour’s drive from each other…

Fortunately, FAETA owners can easily equip themselves with strong and light E-PROPS propellers, with which they will significantly increase the performance of their aircraft !

You only have to try to be convinced. Here is the comment of a customer after replacement of his FITI by an E-PROPS on his FAETA : “The new e-prop propeller I fitted is fabulous! Takeoff as short as with the FITI, it climbs very well, cruising speed: increased by at least 20 km/h! I couldn’t believe my eyes: I went from 190 to 210 km/h at 5.000 RPM. You can physically feel that the propeller is super light: no vibrations, reacts very quickly to rpm changes, and no “clank” at engine stop. It’s awesome, absolutely recommended!”

With the E-PROPS Guarantee Satisfied or Your Money Back 6 MONTHS, it’s easy to equip yourself with the best propeller on the market for the FAETA 912S.