Too aft centre of gravity with an E-Props propeller ? Opt for Temporary Ballast !

On some aircraft equipped with heavy or even very heavy propellers, changing the propeller for an ultra-light E-Props can change the aircraft’s center of gravity.
For pilots who do not wish to make immediate modifications to their ultralight to return to the centre of gravity range (e.g. moving the battery, which also reduces the mass of the cables, which are very heavy), E-Props offers the Temporary Ballast.

It is a steel weight which is fixed on the side of the gearbox, thanks to the 2 screws used to climb the additional alternator. This ballast can be installed and removed in a few minutes.

This technical solution allows you to benefit from the many advantages of the Carbon-Titanium E-Props: performance over the entire speed range of the aircraft, solidity, ease of assembly, absence of vibration, MTBO of 2000 hours, all this without changing the centre of Gravity. The overall lightness of the gearbox is of course lost, but the gearbox works with an ultra-light propeller, which it particularly appreciates.

The E-Props Temporary Ballast is available in kit form, modular from 1 to 4 kg and including the steel weights and the screws necessary for assembly. The price of the kit is 35 EUR.

With E-Props there is always a solution !