TITANIUM screw kits for Durandal & Excalibur V20

E-Props now offers TITANIUM screw kits for Durandal & Excalibur adjustable-pitch propellers (for gear-drive engines), V20 range.

Titanium screw kit for 3-blade propeller model

Advantages :
– Weight reduction of the screws and bolts by 115 g (e.g. for 3-blade propeller)
– Screw tightening control: from 100h to 200h with Titanium screws. Titanium screws stretch more than Steel screws and therefore keep more elastic energy = better tightening retention

Equipped with the TITANIUM screw kit, the DURANDAL 3-blade propeller for Rotax 912S weighs only 1.9 kg !

The mechanical strength of Titanium Grade 5 screws is of the same order of magnitude as that of Steel screws (here the test report).

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