E-Props Propellers Materials

E-PROPS uses carbon braid to manufacture its blades, and carbon fabric for its hubs and spinners, with epoxy resin as a matrix.

E-PROPS’ HCF (Helical Continuous Fibers) process ensures exceptional strength of the 100% carbon blade. In contrast to the traditional “half-shell” process, the fibres are continuous between the intrados and extrados. The carbon braid is like a sock: the mechanical resistance of the whole is increased.

To make very strong carbon parts, the most important thing is to have the maximum amount of fiber and the minimum amount of resin, i.e. a very high fiber content.
Carbon fibers are 50 times stronger than resin.
Tensile strength values: carbon fibers: 4,000 MPa, epoxy resin: 80 MPa
The parts manufactured by E-PROPS have an extremely high carbon fiber content: 63% (which is exceptional).

Epoxy resin is the best resin for aeronautics because it has :
  * very good mechanical and thermal properties
  * a very high fatigue resistance
  * good dimensional stability
  * good chemical performance
  * and above all, excellent adhesion to carbon fibres
The epoxy resin used by E-PROPS has an additive to resist UV (UVA and UVB).

E-PROPS : Materials for Performance