Variable pitch propeller GLORIEUSE test campaign

In January 2021, a flight test campaign of the GLORIEUSE variable-pitch propeller took place. Some images in this video :

Of course, a variable pitch propeller is not very interesting on a SKYRANGER.
However, the SKYRANGER is a good machine for testing over a speed range from 30 to 190 km/h. This one is the “prototype aircraft” of E-PROPS, which we equip with many recording systems : the DAU MERLIN between the propeller and the engine communicating via Wifi with the computer for data recording, a cockpit equipped with many instruments and cameras, a boom under a wing for speed and incidence measurements, etc.
A very important part of the development of the propellers is carried out with our SKYRANGER 100 hp, flown by Samy Dupland, E-PROPS test pilot.
Once validated on this first speed range, our propellers are tested on other faster airplanes, from 200 to 350 km/h.

Our range of in-flight controllable pitch propellers for Rotax 9xx engines will soon be released. A little more patience…