E-Props equip more and more AEROMOMENTUM AM13 and AM15 engines.
The results are amazing and the pilots very satisfied (see feedback at the end of this article).

AEROMOMENTUM AM 15 gearbox 2.588
How to define the best E-Props propellers for these engines ?

1/ Aircraft
On which aircraft will this propeller be mounted ?

2/ Diameter of the propeller
Diameter of the propeller is defined by the ground clearance : the distance between the ground and the tip of the blade, with the blade placed vertically downwards.
E-Props recommends a minimum ground clearance of 20-22 cm.
Choose the maximum possible diameter : it is better for a short take-off and a good climb rate, and it does not reduce the cruise speed.

3/ Drilling pattern
AEROMOMENTUM engines have the same shaft flange as Rotax 912 engines.
But on E-Props, no need of of Rotax drive lugs. They are integrated in the carbon part.
See details and drawings here: V20 drilling patterns

4/ Spacer and spinner
To move the propeller away from the engine hood (if necessary), a spacer is necessary. At E-Props, this spacer is called the ESU and it is made of carbon.
To define the length of the spacer and the diameter of the spinner, it is very easy by following our indications:
– Lenght of the carbon spacer: 38 available lengths – V20 range

The E-Props spinners are also made of carbon.
– Diameter of the carbon spinner: 15 available diameters – V20 range

This video can help you: Tutorial to measure propeller spacer & spinner

⇒ With this information, the E-Props team will be able to make you an offer for the best possible propeller for your aircraft and your AEROMOMENTUM engine.

⇒ Don’t forget our 6 month money back guarantee, which allows you to try without risk. 🙂

FEEDBACK : RV12 with an Aeromomentum AM15 engine
Propeller EXCALIBUR-4 (Carbon-Titanium 4-blade), diameter 174cm, spacer length 70mm, spinner diameter 280mm. Total weight = 3,3 kg.

"Once i have an accurate pitch for the propellor i will let you know, i have already let my fellow builders with this motor know the performance so far, its extraordinary, the VNE on an RV 12 is 135kts and its pulling 128 !! 
So i can slow down and burn less fuel!! Incredible also climb is at 1200fpm but i think this will improve once the pitch is set better! 
And it looks so cool.
Thank you for making aviation that little bit cooler with such a fantastic propeller!"
A.D. (2021-05-14)
EXC-4 on RV12 with AM15
EXC-4 on RV12 with AM15

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