An E-Props flew around the world (MackSolo)!

Successful bet for Mack Rutherford (MackSolo): he becomes the youngest pilot to have flown around the world alone ! His plane: a Shark with Rotax 912 engine (100hp) and E-Props ground adjustable pitch propeller Durandal.

Mack on arrival in Bulgaria on August 24, 2022
A few statistics about this epic journey :
* Total time of circumnavigation: 142 days (= 5 months + 1 day)
* Total distance: 29225 Nm (54124 km)
* Total time in the air: 221 hours
* Average speed = 245 km/h
* Takeoffs/Landings: 68
* Longest flight: 10 hours [Japan-USA] 
* Longest flight over water: 10 hours [Japan-USA]
* Highest altitude: 12500 ft [Mexico]
* Continents visited: 4 
* Countries visited: 30
* Highest temperature: +48 C°
* Lowest temperature: -12 C°
* Age at time of record: 17 years, 2 months and 2 days [previous record holder:  Travis Ludlow: 18 years & 5 months]
* Aircraft: Shark, Engine Rotax 912S, Propeller E-Props Durandal

Mack's sister, Zara, flew around the world on the same plane the year before.
Propellers comparative:
- Zara, with a Woodcomp 2-blade inflight variable pitch propeller, flew 52,080 km in 260 h in 68 flights. Average speed = 200 km/h
- Mack, with an E-Props 3-blade ground adjustable pitch propeller, flew 54,124 km in 221 h in 71 flights. Average speed = 245 km/h
Of course the route was not the same, but everything else was identical: it's the same plane and the same engine.
What a difference in performance! 😁
Mack in front of his E-Props propeller

All information here : MACKSOLO

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Articles: New York Time / BBC News / CBS News

Guinness Book

an ultra-light (2 kg) and ultra-efficient carbon-titanium propeller

Congratulations Mack, and thank you so much for this wonderful adventure!