2023 French Paramotor Championships

The French Paramotor Championships were held in Chambley from May 18 to 21, 2023.
With a very large majority of pilots equipped with E-PROPS propellers at this championship, we are proud that our brand is so well represented !

The 2023 champions are :
Paramotor foot-launch Elite > Cyril PLANTON
Paramotor foot-launch Espoir > Nicolas PERRON
Paramotor trike single-seater > Glenn MICHELLAND
Paramotor trike two-seater > Thibaut LAINE & Sandra MOREELS

A 100% E-Props podium in the Single-Seater Foot (PF1) Elite, Single-Seater Trike (PL1) and Two-Seater Trike (PL2) categories.

E-Props congratulate the competitors on their performances, and wish you continued progress and, above all, safe flying !

the team MacFly

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