US National STOL in Music City : Joel MILLOWAY with its E-PROPS

To take part in the US National STOL competition in the Sport class, Joel MILLOWAY chose an E-PROPS Durandal 3-blade 205 cm diameter propeller to equip his RANS S-7 Tiger Shark Rotax 912S.

This was the 1st participation of an E-PROPS in this prestigious competition. Joel came 2nd ! Congratulations, Joel !

Sport Class: Competition, Short Takeoffs

Rich Boardman, a seasoned STOL competitor, was present in his No. 94 CubCrafters Carbon Cub SS and created some exciting competition with Joel Milloway, who piloted his Rans S-7 Tiger Shark. Nick Ardillo, also flying a CubCrafters Carbon Cub SS, endured a challenging start, scratching in his first, second, and fourth rounds. Ardillo secured his only score for the event in the third round with a distance of 234 feet, which earned him third place.

Boardman and Milloway engaged in a neck-and-neck race, with Milloway securing the first two round victories. However, in a nail-biting fourth round, Boardman edged out Milloway to win the class by 2 feet with a combined take off and landing distance of 177 feet—the shortest of the event—and earning him the title of the Music City STOL grand champion.

Thin blades may come as a shock, but with E-Props, STOL’s performance is there for all to see

In the future, we’re sure to see more and more E-PROPS in this competition…

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